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Gideon's Dawn -- Michael D. Warden Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 22 August 2008


This was an absolutely amazing book!  I found it at a discount bookstore this summer and bought it as a last resort.  I was unable to find any other good books there and this one was the only one that showed the slightest bit of promise.  Then, even after getting it, I waited a couple months before I actually decided to read it.  Silly me.

So what was so good about it?  It's hard to describe. This in the fantasy genre but it avoids sounding like all of the other cliched books in the genre.  On the surface it is a story that has been done many times over -- a "normal" person is transported to an alternate world and discovers that he's the long awaited hero to solve their problems.  And in the vein of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever, the main character in this book is not at all interested in being the hero.

Gideon Dawning is that main character.  As a troubled graduate student he find himself dealing with life in a very destructive and self-defeating manner.  At 28 years old his life is already starting to unravel.  We find out later some of the reasons for this.

A strange and freak accident transports Gideon to The Inherited Land where he discovers that he is perceived as the Kinsman Redeemer who has come to restore the land.  This is 2000 years after another man by the name of Gideon betrayed all of humanity.  Needless to say, Gideon does not feel like he is this hero.  In fact, he just wants to get back "home".

But that is not to be.  Instead, Gideon Dawning is entangled in a complex and twisting battle between the rebelling Remnant and the evil Guardians who control all of society.  Reluctant at every turn, Gideon continues to find himself at the center of this pivitol conflict.  Although he never accepts his role, he resigns to his fate and goes through the motions hoping that it will all end. The book ends with a setup for the second book in the series.  Gideon's journey isn't over, in fact, it is just beginning.

The author is very clever in his use of names.  At first glance, seeing names like "Wordhaven", "Paladin Sky", "Heaven Range", I was afraid that the author would come across being fairly amateurish.   Instead the words were cleverly used.  It was quite enjoyable to read this book.

If I had one complaint about the book it would be the text on the back cover.  The cover text didn't adequately convey the essense of the story or the tone.  It also presented the book in such a way that it appeared to be just a cookie cutter type story.  The cover text almost convince me not to buy the book.  I'm glad I ignored the text and went with the book anyway.


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