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Home arrow Books arrow Shadow Over Kiriath -- Karen Hancock

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Shadow Over Kiriath -- Karen Hancock Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 18 September 2006
Shadow Over Kiriath
Shadow Over Kiriath is the third book in Karen Hancock's Legend of the Guardian King series. With this book Hancock further demonstrate's her exceptional ability at telling a gripping story in a fantasy setting that feels real and hits home. It raises questions about the nature of evil and even about how much of that evil resides in us. It is an adult story and it deals with adult issues in a very adult way.
This book is gritty and is not afraid to portray the private thoughts that we, in the real world, often pretend aren't happening. But Hancock doesn't stop there. Throughout it all there is the unfailing, sure hand of Eidon (Hancock's God) to support his chosen. Even in the midst of doubt or even outright rebellion the divine presence is guiding and protecting. So just as much as this story is about sin, it is about grace and forgiveness and the personal struggle of one man (Abramm) as he deals with this.
The book starts as Abramm is trying to get his kingdom back into shape after the difficult times that proceeded him. Internal politics and some outward rebellion are constant irritations but they are minor compared to the personal struggles he is going through due to past decisions. His relationship with Maddie deepends but at the same time political forces push him to have to distance himself from her. In the midst of all of this, betrayal is brewing. It finally erupts at the end of the book when Abramm finds that he has lost everything.
Fortunately the story isn't over when this book ends and we can expect the grand finale in the fourth book in the series. Hancock continues to impress me with the depth of her writing and the complexity of the issues she is willing to tackle. This is a must read series for fantasy fans who are not afraid of a little moral weight in their books.
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