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Home arrow Books arrow The Iron Lance -- Stephen Lawhead

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The Iron Lance -- Stephen Lawhead Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 25 December 2007
The Iron Lance
The Iron Lance is Stephen Lawhead's first book in the Crusades Trilogy. Starting off the northern coast of Scottland Murdo's father and brothers begin their quest to join in the crusades to rescue Jerusalem from it's captors. Leaving the young boy in charge the men expect to be back within the year. Due to incredible abuse of power and exploitation Murdo soon finds himself and the women in his care without land or home. Murdo follows after his father and brothers in the hopes that they will return and restore the land that was taken. Eventually, and against his will, Murdo ends up joining the crusades to retake Jerusalem. Befriended by a group of monks from the Cele De and finding himself disillusioned by all that occurred in the name of God, Murdo only wants to return home. When he find his father and brothers he is able to complete his business and return back home. Through the difficulties of the two year journey Murdo has become a man and returns home as a man.
This very brief synopsis has barely scratched the surface of what happened in the book. Almost to the point of doing disservice to it. The story is a spiritual journey and growing up of Murdo. Early on he sees the duplicity and grasping power of the established church. This quickly pushes him away from all things of God. The atrocities along the path of the crusade further emphasize the complete and utter corruption at all levels of the church and in the followers of the church. Only through his exposure to the unconventional Cele De does he find any light in the dark world. And through the trials his grows and emerges on the other side and a follower of the True Path. Leaving behind the broken and dysfunctional religious mainstream he vows to setup a kingdom where the Cele De can flourish.
As always, Stephen Lawhead pulls no punches when it comes to the historic and realistic depiction of life on the crusades. The complete depravity of the men involved is nearly too much to stomach. However, through it all is the hope that a man can rise above the small souled ambitions of men. This is a great book in the start of a promising series.
Last Updated ( Monday, 31 December 2007 )

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