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There Is A God -- Antony Flew Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Saturday, 12 July 2008

There Is A God

According to this book, Antony Flew, was one of the premier and influential atheist minds in the 20th century.  He pioneered many of the arguments and defenses supporting atheism.  Maybe of his papers and books are considered staples in the modern atheists philosophical arsenal.  Yet, in 2004, Flew announced that his lifelong philosophy of "following the evidence" had led him to the believe now that there is a God.


It should be no surprise that this announcement caused quite a bit of agitation and excitement on all sides of the classic debate.  One the one hand the theists were celebrating having "won over" one of the kingpins of their antagonists.  While on the other the atheists were struggling to explain how this unspeakable thing could have happened.  A common criticism of Flew's "conversion" was that he was now old and senile and didn't know what he was talking about, despite the fact that Flew mentioned in interviews that he wasn't senile (he couldn't deny being old) and that what he said stood.

This book was Flew's description of his journey from atheism to theism.  The tone of the book is explanatory rather than coercive.  Flew isn't trying to convince anyone to join him in his current point of view.  He does have some less than positive things to say about what he sees as a lack of depth in the arguments of some of the very modern atheists.  Other than that, he simply presents the train of thought and observations that has left him where he is now.

Christians should note that Flew is absolutely not acknowledging the existing of the Christian God.  The God that Flew accepts is more consistent with the Deism of the 19th century.  That is, a God who created, or set into motion, the physical world, but now has no interaction with the world.  An impersonal God.   He has explicitly stated his incongruence with any of the gods of major religions. 

A curious appendix included in the book gives an argument for the resurrection of Christ.  It seemed a little bit out of place in the book.  It also didn't break any new ground in that debate.  It was just a rehash of the same arguments that have been presented by apologists over the last few decades.

I did not detect even a hint of senility in the book.  It was co-authored so it is possible that Flew has completely lost his mind and the co-author made up all of the stuff in the book.  This notion seems to have been put to rest by statements that Flew made, in person, in interviews.  But that is left to the reader to figure out.

For those interested in Flew's conversion I recommend this book.  It will certainly give you something to think about. 


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