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Home arrow Music arrow Beautiful Lumps Of Coal -- Plumb

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Beautiful Lumps Of Coal -- Plumb Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 26 January 2005
ImageBeautiful Lumps of Coal is Plumb's third release. Both musically and lyrically this CD is way ahead of where there other two were -- and they weren't all that bad at all. The music on the CD is mostly pop rock of the well-produced variety. Some might suggest that it's too produced and not raw enough. Sure, I suppose, but it's not meant to be raw. The strength of Lumps lies in the lyrical content of the songs. The music provides a setting for the powerful and poetic statements. For that purpose the music is perfect.
Most of the songs deal with relationship issues from a real and human level. In "Without You" the singer realizes her mistake in her angry actions and regrets the things she said during a fight. "Boys Don't Cry" deal with the destructive power of emotional distance in a relationship. "Hold Me" sensually explores a positive side of a marriage relationship and brings back memories of Charlie Peacock's "Kiss Me Like A Woman".
Each song is like a small story. Lyrically Plumb paints vivid pictures of situations we've all seen or been in. Throughout this entire album Plumb deals with the high and low of human nature in such a poetic way. It is a beautiful and inspiring album. Certainly one of Plumb's best works to date.
This is probably the rockiest track on the CD. It talks about the pure freedom that comes from realizing that we are not bound anymore by those who would want to control and oppress.
Sink N' Swim
This song is encouraging. Instead of trying to convice you that the world is always sunny it acknowledges that there are rainy days. It acknowledges that there are ups and downs. But through it all there is strength and support.
Without You
"What if you never came back?" is a question we all ask when we've pushed the limit in a fight. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.
Boys Don't Cry
Emotional distance alienates those we love and only destroys our relationships. This emotional song brings these issues home. Plumb is extraordinary at painting lyrical pictures and this is one of the more vivid.
Hold Me
Lovers play and enjoy each other. This is a very fun and sensual song celebrating the intimacy between a man and woman.
Walk Away
This song is similar to Free. The singer recognizes that she is in a selfish relationship. Her partner is only using her for his own interests. She has the courage and strength to just walk away and leave the relationship.
This sad song deals with loss that comes with leaving loved ones as God moves us away.
Nice, Naive, and Beautiful
The CD title is taken from this song. It's heart wrenching and inspiring at the same time. It tells a story of a girl who's taken advantage of through out her life over and over again. Eventually this leads to a hardening of her heart as a defense against further wrongs. Despite the wrong done to her she finds through the result of the pain her own beautiful lump of coal.
Unsung heroes are all around us. People who give "their very last dollar when what he needed cost two". And at the same time we walk around so selfish and self-seeking. Even when we do give of ourselves it just to be seen and noticed. This song points us to focus on those unnoticed around us who give out of love.
This song addresses superficiality and emptiness. The singer has everything that the world would tell us makes you sucessful. Yet despite all the glamour and glitz she is still searching for something real.
Love'em and Kiss'em
This isn't really a song. It's recording of a conversation with a little boy. This is the track that will make all mom's say "ahhh, isn't that sweet".
The final song of the CD closes it out perfectly. It captures the tenderness of a parent raising a growing child through maturity. The parent has installed Hope and Faith and the Goodness of Grace. But in the end they must let the child "go my way". This bitersweet subject is wonderfully handled with the song.
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