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Chaotic Resolve -- Plumb Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 27 July 2006
Plumb - Chaotic Resolve
Plumb simply gets better and better. With the fourth release, Chaotic Resolve, Plumb shows that the artistic well hasn't yet dried up. This new release maintains the same pop/rock style that has been a mainstay with Plumb's last few albums for most of the songs but there are a couple experiments that break out of that mold. Lyrically she addresses many of the areas that she explored in Beautiful Lumps Of Coal. In particular she takes a penetrating look at troubled family relationships and self-esteem issues. The whole CD is solid and engaging but there are a few standouts that make Chaotic Resolve arguably Plumb's best release yet.
The song Motion is one of the musical experiments on the CD. Instead of the normal passionate rock that Plumb has perfected this song is a dance song. The sampled crowd noise (at least I think it's sampled) along with the sequenced horn part and the pulsing bass line make this a song you would expect to hear in a dance club. It is fun and energetic.
Jeckle & Hydde is very reminescent of Boys Don't Cry off of Beautiful Lumps Of Coal. Both songs deal with broken husband-wife relationships and the great divides that grow up between the individuals. Boys Don't Cry looked at emotional distancing and Jeckle & Hydde looks at emotional manipulation.
Pray For Me is a techno/dance/rave remake of the old Michael W. Smith song. It stands out simply because it is so different than the original version.
One of the more moving songs on an earlier Plumb release was the song Damaged. This song was written from the perspective of an adult woman speaking to her father (or another man in her life) who had abused her as a young child. The woman explained how the abuse had damaged her and how that damage was ongoing. It was a very sad song. Not angry, just sad. On Chaotic Resolve Plumb redoes this song. However, when the song gets to the point where the original ended the song turns and adds a final chapter to this story. In this final chapter the woman has found a way to forgive and a way to be healed so that the damage is reversed. It is amazing and incredibly touching. It is all the more powerful when you realize that the ending of this song couldn't have been written several years ago but it has taken this long for the woman to get to this point.
There isn't a weak track on the whole CD. New listeners to Plumb and long time fans will both love this CD.
Last Updated ( Friday, 28 July 2006 )

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