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End Of Silence -- Red Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 30 November 2006
End Of Silence
A new band, a new sound, and a great CD. End Of Silence is the debut album of the new band Red. If you're looking for fresh new sound with a lot of energy then this is the place to go. The high-powered music is heavily layered with strings, crunchy guitars and in your face background vocals. This is very good stuff.
The CD starts off a bit subdued but it's obvious that there is something seething there under the surface. The music breaks out full steam ahead on the second track, Breathe Into Me, a heart felt plee for life to be poured into a desperate life. The energy continues with the next track, Let Go. Here we start to get a good sense of what makes RED just a success. Their sound borrows a lot from the heavy rock symphonic sound that Evenescence has popularized but they've added a lot more edge with screaming background vocals and very present guitars.
One thing that RED does real well is to create dynamics in each song. Each song has loud and quiet sections, hard and soft sections. This texturing of the songs keeps it all fresh and accents the raw and powerful emotion behind the vocals.
If you are any sort of a fan of heavier Christian rock music then this is a must have CD. And RED is definitely a band to keep an eye on for future releases!
Last Updated ( Monday, 11 December 2006 )

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