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Home arrow Music arrow Offerings II: All I Have To Give -- Third Day

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Offerings II: All I Have To Give -- Third Day Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 29 July 2004
ImageOfferings II: All I Have To Give
Third Day (2003)
Years ago I bought my first Third Day CD.  I'm pretty sure it was the self-title CD and I'm pretty sure it was their first CD.  It was great. Then I bought their second, Conspiracy No. 5, and their third, Time.  Each CD seemed a bit worse than the previous one.  But there was always the hope that they would return to the music that they first demonstrated.  For Christmas this last year I was given Offerings II: All I have To Give.  It is a follow on to Offerings I. Unfortunately I'm not too impressed with the CD.
The CD contains studio and live recordings interspersed.  The live recordings really aren't that great.  If the CD consisted of just the studio recordings it would be a lot better.  The live recordings have pretty much convinced me that I don't really want to go to a Third Day concert.  Maybe it was just the way they were recorded but MacPowell's voice sounds horrible.  He's got that warble/vibrato that so many country singers have.  This makes sense since he's from Atlanta, I guess.  But that warble/vibrato is completely missing on any of the studio recordings.  And his voice sounds weak.  It is interesting to compare the back to back recordings of studio and live on this album. There is a huge difference.
Now I don't believe a producer would ever do this (well, actually, I think they might), but it really does sound like audience sounds were added to several of the live tracks.  When you hear the same "audience swell" several times in different songs you start to think that it's just a sampled sound inserted into the song -- like a laugh track for sitcoms. 
The new songs on this CD just aren't that great.  Several songs have repeating lyrics like: "I just want to see you.  It's you I just want to see".  These kinds of repeats are kinda silly and just don't do anything for me.  Maybe the poetry of it is too subtle for me.  And the music is pretty standard stuff.  Nothing innovative or distinctive.
Although it might sound like it, I don't despise this CD.  It just doesn't live up to what I would expect from Third Day based on their first couple of CDs.  To be honest, it sounds to me like it was a rush job.  As if the label was pushing them to do another album so they just through together some songs that hadn't made it on other records and then someone picked up some live tracks to fill up space.
I'm hoping for some better stuff from Third Day in the future.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 July 2004 )

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