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Home arrow Music arrow Project 86 -- Songs To Burn Your By

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Project 86 -- Songs To Burn Your By Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 15 November 2004
Image This is the third Project 86 CD that I have purchased.  Each one sounds different but at the same time has an unmistakable P86 sound to it.  Their style is a very aggresive nu-metal sound.  Songs To Burn Your Bridges by is clearly P86 but a much more mature and developed sound.  That's not to say "more produced".  In fact, in many ways this CD seems more raw than their last outing.  Somehow the group is able to keep that raw, aggresive sound and make it sound good.  Controlled chaos comes to mind.  Also, each successive album has seemed more accessible than the previous.  These guys have defined their sound and now they are refining it.  So far so good.
Bridges carries on the same themes that P86 raises in their other albums.  Mostly the dark side of man -- oppression, addiction, depression, and so on.  But throughout all of the negativity there is a backdrop of hope.  Sometimes it's hidden in the shadows but you always know it's there.
P86 vehemently denies being a "Christian" band.  Even to the point of cancelling shows that are scheduled to be played in churches.  Their actions can be misunderstood and I really think that the band doesn't care.  Instead they are more concerned with intensely and passionately expressing their unfettered emotions.  The honesty that comes from their songs, while raw and rough, often times speaks much stronger than more sanitized groups. 
Great stuff from a great band.
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