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Sea Of Faces -- Kutless Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 10 August 2004
ImageWhat happened to this group!  Their first released, self-titled, introduced a new modern rock band that was able to play along with the likes of Creed. In fact, Kutless was often referred to as a Christian Creed (let's not get into the issue of what a 'christian' band is and whether Creed is one).  The music was just a little bit less aggresive and the vocals could have used a bit more growl.  Personally, I was hoping that these things would come with maturity and experience so I was looking forward to the second Kutless release. 
But something horrible happened.  At least 90% of this album is mediocre, tasteless pop.  Not all pop is bad.  But this stuff is lukewarm.  Not quite commited to being either rock or pop which places it in the banal middle ground.  Completely uninspiring.
Some notes on a track by track basis.
Not What You See
This opening track is what Kutless does best although the song drags on a bit.  If the rest of the album was like this then it would be quite a bit stronger.
All Alone
While the first track teased listeners into thinking that this album would be like their first one, the second track immediately disabuses the listener of any such notions.  It is styled in the way of rock ballads but it is sung with such a lack of conviction it fails to move.
Better For You
Another boring pop song sung without any life.
Sea Of Faces
Really, yet another pop ballad.  This has CCM radio written all over it.  Unfortunately it will mix in well with all the other lifeless dregs that make mainstream radio.  Something that can be playing on the little radio on an office desk in the background.  Something for noise but not to be listened to.
Let You In
This is the one of the three decent tracks on the album.  They almost ruined it with the death metal background vocals.  But it still works. 
<b>Passion<b> is a song in response to the <i>The Passion</i> movie. This song is pretty good actually.  If the rest of the album was done this way it would be completely different.  The lyrics evoke strong emotions.
the nail pierced hands they run with blood/a splitting brow forced by the thorns/his face is writhing with the pain/yet it's comforting to me
If this was the only Kutless song you ever heard you would never know that they could be rockers.  Yeah, there is some distorted guitar during the chorus but it just as well could be samples played on a keyboard. 
Cool song -- for the first 15 seconds.  And then the thing just dies. Come on guys!  Where's the emotion?  Imagine this song with someone like Scott Stapp singing it.  How would he sing it? So much potential here but it flops.  No energy. And what's with that wimpy rapcore bridge? 
All The Words
This song sounds so much like something from the 1980's cheesy CCM ballad set.  Really.  Not only to the vocals sounds bored and dry, but the guitar and bass sound as if they would rather be doing almost anything else. 
Troubled Heart
Like <b>Treason</b> this started out with some potential but died quickly.  The song's way too slow.  The guitar is so distorted it sounds like a big wall of mushy sound.  The droning vocals over the top just don't work at all.
It's Like Me
This song is just too slow.  It's like torture listening to the verses! Speed it up about 50% and add more growl and you've got a good song.  What a shame because this song has some serious potential.  As the last track this song typifies the main problem with this whole album -- a lack of passion.  Where is the heartfelt remorse over lost opportunities?  The chorus (it's like me/to never see/when it came/when it went/now it's gone away) is sung like a folk song while we're sitting around a campfire. Again, where is the passion?
To summarize, the music is uninspiring, the vocals are flat, dry, and boring, and the instrumentalists just sound completely bored.  Some songs start with some potential but wither out pretty quickly.
Should Kutless sound like just another Creed knockoff?  Of course not.  Each band has their own musical stylings and voice.  And for this release Kutless should have tried to move away from the Creed wannabe and into their own.  But they've done it in the wrong direction.  This isn't where they are strong. 
This album could have been so much more but somehow it seems that the life was sucked out of it.  Maybe Kutless has just lost some steam or maybe some dollar-minded producers have watered down and mainstreamed the sound too much.  The end result is disappointingly flat.
Come on guys, we wanna rock!
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 10 August 2004 )

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