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Taking Chances -- Celine Dion Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 11 January 2008

Taking Chances

Suppose you were a multi-millionaire music diva who has spent the last five years playing the most successful Las Vegas show ever.  Suppose also that virtually every album you have recorded has gone platinum and has had several top radio hits.  On top of all of that, suppose you had tens of millions of fans (literally) around the globe who would pay large sums of money to see you in person or buy another one of your releases.  In many ways it could be said that you had "everything" so what do you do next?  

Well, if you're Celine Dion then you take a chance and record a CD that is completely different than anything else you have ever done.  You create a CD that moves beyond the sappy love song ballads that were your mainstay for two decades and create songs with depth and maturity.  You explore new styles of music (light jazz, blues, rock, europop, etc.).  The result is "Taking Chances".  A superb CD.

Taking Chances has a wide mix of different styles and each is done well.  Celine's cover of Heart's "Alone" captures the essence of Heart.  In fact, when I first heard Celine sing the song I didn't realize it was originally a Heart song but I though to myself that it sounded like something that Heart would have done. 

The third track, "Eyes On Me" provides a bit of eastern flair -- something I've not heard from Celine before.  Can't Find The Feeling is quite a rocker but she carries it off well.  My favorite track is probably the haunting "I Got Nothin' Left".

This CD is an excellent effort by Celine Dion and I hope she continues producing music like this.


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