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Unregister Component Released Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 03 September 2006
The Unregister component is a Joomla plugin that allows users on a site to unregister themselves from that site. An associated module puts a link on the sidebar that gives users access to this component. After almost a year (yeah, it's pitiful) I have finally converted the code base over to the Joomla development environment and made a release under this system. There are no new features to the component but now that I have the new system setup I will soon be adding features that some users have requested. The component and module are available for download from the Unregister project page or go directly to the download page.

Unregister component

The Unregister component provides a very simple interface to allow site members to unregister from the site. The interface requires that the user be logged in. It requests the user's current password to verify that the correct user is being unregistered. The component removes the user from the Joomla membership tables. Any content that has been authored, modified, or checked out by the user is reassigned to the admin user.

Unregister module

The Unregister module is a simple module that provides a link to the Unregister component. This makes it easier for site administrators to place a link to unregistration somewhere other than in their menu. The module is not required for the Unregister component to work.

Future features

The following features are on the roadmap to be added to the Unregister component:
  • Internationalization using language files -- Currently the component is hard-coded with English text and messages. A new version will use the Joomla internationalization techniques to make this component more flexible.
  • Email admin on unregistration -- Adding this feature will cause Unregister to send an email message to the site admin whenever a user unregisters.
  • Add an option "reason for unregistration" input -- This will add an extra input box on the unregistration form to allow users to provide a reason for their leaving. This reason will be included in the email message to the admin.
  • Third party integration -- We are looking at ways to have the Unregister component propagate a user's unregistration request to third party components that have been installed on a particular site.

Feedback appreciated

If you have any questions or comments concerning the Unregister component or module please use the "Contact Us" link to send feedback.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 05 September 2006 )

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