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Home arrow Learning Greek arrow First Greek Book Answers Chapter XXIX

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First Greek Book Answers Chapter XXIX Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 12 September 2010

Chapter XXIX

Here are the answers for Chapter XXIX from my answer key for "First Greek Book". Each chapter (after chapter XII) has three types of questions.  The first are Greek to English translations of sentences and phrases.  The second are English to Greek translations of sentences and phrases.  The third is a Greek to English translation of a couple of paragraphs of text.  The text is taken from a simplified version of Xenophon's Anabasis.

Keep in mind that I am still learning so it is highly likely that there are errors in my answers.  If you find something that you think is wrong please let me know and I'll investigate it.


1) ο δε ποταμος καλειται Μαιανδρος.

And the river is called Meander.

2) ο δε αρχων επολεμει αδικον πολεμον.

And the ruler was fighting an unjust fight.

3) τους Κυρου φιλουσ κακως ποιειτε.

You are treating the friends of Cyrus badly.

4) τουτους γαρ τους αρχοντας οι στρατιωται μαλλον εφιλουν η τους αλλους.

For the soldiers loved these rulers for than the others.

5) υπο Κυρου Προξενος ουκ ηδικειτο.

Proxenus was not treated unjustly by Cyrus.

6) κακως εποιεις την του σατραπου χωραν.

You treated the satrap's country badly.

7) φοβον ποιουσι τοις ιπποις τῃ κραυγῃ.

They make fear in the hourses by a loud noise. [They scare the horses with a loud noise.]

8) παλιν δε ο Κυρος ηρωτα, "Ηδικουν τον ανθρωπον;"

And again Cyrus asked, "Is the man injured?"

9) δηλοι δε οτι απορον εστιν αγειν το στρατευμα εις την Ελλαδα.

And he shows that it is impossible to lead the army into Greece.

10) υπερ της Ελλαδα επολεμουν μετα των αλλων. επει δε Κυρος εκαλει, επορευομην προς αυτον.

On behalf of Greece I fought with the others; and then Cyrus called, I went to him.


1) Are the other soldiers doing this?

τουτον ποιουσι οι στρατιωτοι οι αλλοι;

2) The barbarians are wronged by the guards.

οι βαρβαρικοι αδικουν υπο των φυλακας.

3) You love these more than (you love) the others.

τουτους μαλλον φιλεις η τους αλλους.

4) The Tracians are wronging the allies.

οι Θρακες αδικουσι τους αλλους.

5) They ask whether you were called the bowmen.

ερωτουσι ει εκαλου τους τοξοτας.


Κυρος δε μετεπεμπετο τον Κλεαρχον. ο δε ιεναι μεν ουκ ηθελε, λαθρᾳ δε των στρατιωτων πεμπων αυτῳ αγγελον ελεγε θαρρειν.

μετα δε ταυτα συνηγαγε τους στρατιωτας και δηλοι οτι απορον εστι παλιν πορευεσθαι εις Ελλαδα ανευ των επιτηδειων. η δε αγορα ην εν τῳ βαρβαρικῳ στρατευματι. οι δʼ ερωτωσι Κυρον ει η οδος μακρα εστιν. ο δʼ αποκρινεται οτι Αβροκομας εχθος ανηρ επι τῳ Ευφρατῃ ποταμῳ εστι. προς τουτον ουν βουλεται πορευεσθαι.

And Cyrus summoned Clearchus; but he did not want to go to him.  Without the soldiers' knowledge he sends to him a message biding him to be of good courage.

And after this he gathered together the soldiers and shows that it is impossible again to proceed into Greece without the neccesary provisions; and that the market place was in the barbarian camp.  And they ask Cyrus if the way is long; and he answers that Abrocomas, an enemy, is at the Euphrates river; therefore to this he plans to go.


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