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Evan Almighty Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 25 June 2007
Evan Almighty
I was skeptical of this movie going into it. I had two reasons why I didn't want to see it and two reasons why I did. Since there was nothing else showing and I really wanted to go out with my wife to see a movie, I decided to see it. What a great movie! It was hilarious and funny and quirky and with just enough of a message to tug at your heartstrings. This was definitely one of the best movies I've seen in a while. For those of you who might be wondering, it is not a modern day retelling of the Noah's Ark story from the Bible.
Evan Baxter first appeared in Bruce Almighty. He was Bruce's nemesis at the news office. He was the one who got the coveted anchor position that Bruce wanted before he became God. At the beginning of this movie Evan finds himself elected congressman. He leaves the news job and moves out of the city to a huge home in a rich neighborhood.
That's when God steps in. Evan prayed for God to let him change the world and God answered his prayer in the form of asking Evan to build an ark just like Noah did. And, naturally, Evan refuses. God, however, is pretty insistent. In the end Evan builds the ark and changes the world.
One of my objections before seeing the movie was religious. I was concerned that this movie was just going to be a vehicle to lampoon conservative Christian beliefs about Noah's Ark and The Flood. As it turns out I couldn't be further from the truth. In terms of a religious point of view the story was great. It portrayed God in an extremely positive manner. He wasn't a capricious, domineering, authoritarian deity trying to make everyone do what he wanted. He also wasn't a pushover wimp who just wished everyone would get along. Instead, He was portrayed as an omnipotent being who was intensely interested in humanity and passionately loved mankind.
When God was talking about the first Noah story, he said, "Everybody thinks that story is about God's wrath and judgment. I think it's about his love". At the end of the movie, after Evan saw all that God had done for him and all that God had saved him from (by having Evan build the ark), Evan realized that God had done it all out of love and then commented, "I've been fighting you every step of the way but you were doing this all for me." Such a positive message and portrayal of God is not common in major motion pictures. It was nice to see and encouraging.
The movie was funny and very positive. I strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys family movies. This one is 100% safe and enjoyable for the entire family.
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