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Fever Pitch Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 09 November 2005
Fever Pitch Cover Image At one point in American history baseball was called the official American Pasttime. Since then the sports enthusiasts' focus has moved on to other, more exciting sports such as football (American) and basketball. To a fan, baseball has never really been about the game played on the field. Certainly that's part of it, but the real draw has been the players and the managers and the ballfields and the history. Talk to any ball fan for more than a couple minutes and they'll start telling you all kinds of statistics about their favorite players and teams. Keep talking to them and you'll soon start to hear all the legends. This is what Fever Pitch is about.
Fever Pitch is a cute romantic comedy about a baseball fan and his girlfriend. The fan, in this case, is a true fanatic. To make matters worse, he's a Red Sox fan. His devotion to the team takes over his life each year when the season starts and this is the conflict. At first Ben tries to hide his passion from Lindsey but as they get more involved it becomes impossible. As she realizes just how much of a fan he is and sees how much it will affect her life she becomes scared at the prospect of a long term relationship. It is a Hollywood story so in the end it turns out well. The "love conqueres all" message comes through loud and clear.
Real life Red Sox fans find this movie especially heartwarming. The Red Sox have been under a curse for the last bazillion years and that has kept them from winning the World Series. A bit in the movie explains the origin of the curse. The curse held in the movie and in the end the Red Sox lost their chance for winning the Series, again. This film was being made during the regular baseball season. In fact, I understand that much of the game footage was taken from live baseball games during 2004. The irony is that after the film was made, and the Red Sox continued on into the post-season, they won the World Series and broke the curse! No doubt this little twist will fuel baseball legend and fantasy for years to come.
Last Updated ( Friday, 02 December 2005 )

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