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Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 07 March 2007
Music & Lyrics
Music & Lyrics was this years Valentine's Day film. It is a sweet romantic comedy that has quite a bit of both romance and comedy. Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore work well together in this film as they bring together two very unlikely people into a relationship that everyone cheers for. Much of the story and plot is standard romedy fare. As with all movies in this genre, the charm is in the details and the execution (of the plot, not the characters). Grant plays a has-been rock star from the one-hit-wonder band Pop. Unfortunately he hasn't quite figured out that his time is over. Barrymore plays the roll of the most unlikely houseplant tender you would ever meet. Through comical circumstances they meet and find themselves bound together on a common mission to write a hit song.
I admit that I'm not much of a Hugh Grant fan. I usually find him droll and uninteresting. Because of this I was a bit reluctant to go see this movie but I went along with it -- after all, it was Valentine's Day. I was pleasantly surprised by his wit and presence in the movie. And the interaction with Barrymore was great. She acted the perfect counterpoint to his normal dryness.
The main disappointment with the movie was Cora. Her character was simply not convincing at all. As the prima-donna sensuality obsessed hindu modern pop star she just didn't work for me. The combination was funny but the actress just didnt' pull it off. Too "airy" or something. It just didn't work for me.
Overall it was a fun date movie and worth renting for an at-home date.
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 14 March 2007 )

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