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Office Space Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 27 July 2004
ImageI should start off by saying that I was disappointed by this movie.  For the last few years people at work have been dropping lines from this movie almost as much as The Princess Bride.  In fact, I was lead to believe that this would be funny along the same lines as The Princess Bride but in an office setting rather than a fantasy setting.  Boy was I wrong!
The main character is a software programmer working in one of the most boring software fields I can imagine: Y2K financial software correction.  His boss (or should I say 8 bosses) is as bad a boss as anyone can imagine.  The work environment is full of those wierdo characters that everyone talks about from "their other job" but no one seems to have on their current job.  So it's a bit over the top.  But that's fine, it's a movie.
The management decides to streamline their operation by getting rid of some unessential staff. Consultants are hired in to help them make the decision.  Of course these consultants are completely ineffective at making good decisions and they decide to get rid of 2 of the best staff and promote the main character to manager.
For revenge the 3 decide to install a small program in the computer system that will skim a few fractions of a cent off of each transaction. Some part of the plan goes wrong but in the end it all works out.  Yep, I'm skipping lots here but that's cause it's pretty boring.
So there were lots of office and software jokes but overall the movie was pretty crude.  Lots of profanity.  A lot more than I was expecting.
And it wasn't that funny.  A couple silly things but nothing that great.
I don't recommend the movie.  Too crude and not much entertainment value to compensate.
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