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Paycheck Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 13 August 2004
ImageOne somewhat popular type of computer game in the early and mid 1980s was something called the text adventure game.  These sorts of games placed the player as the main proponent in an interactive story. Most of these games involved interesting problem solving that was intertwined in a story of mystery and discovery. And usually the problems involved finding the right object to use in the right location at the right time.  The movie <i>Paycheck</i> reminded me of these games.  And it was quite enjoyable.
The plot summary is fairly simple.  The main character, Michael Jennings, is a software and hardware engineer who is hired by companies to reverse engineer a competitor's product. After completing the job the company wipes his memory so he can't redo the work for someone else.  He reluctantly agrees to do a job for an old college (James Rethrick) buddy.  The job will pay close to $100,000,000 but will require 3 years of time.
After waking from the memory wipe from this job things start to go bad.  It becomes obvious that Rethrick intended for Jennings to be killed.  And instead of getting the $100 million Jennings finds that a few days before having his memory wiped he had given up his shares in the profits.  Not only that but his envelope of personal belongings that was returned to him after the memory wipe was all wrong.  That's where the story takes off.  Jennings is left standing there holding an envelope of junk, three years of his memories gone, and his promised $100 million given away.
During the course of the rest of the movie we slowly see the whole clever plan revealed.  It's a good solid movie.  Very fun.
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