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Pirates Of The Caribbean 3 Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 11 June 2007
Pirates Of The Caribbean 3
Pirates 3 wasn't nearly the dud that Pirates 2 was but it also wasn't even close to as good as Pirates 1. In Pirates 3 they got rid of most of the slapstick, cheeseball antics and they tried to make a story of it. The special effects and action scenes were reasonably well done with the one exception being the part when Calypso was released from her spell and grew to gigantic proportions. That effect has been done so much better in other movies. They could have done better here.
The story was hard to follow but I think I got the general idea. Davey Jones and the Flying Dutchman were at the beck and call of Lord Beckett since he now owned Davey Jones' heart. Using the Flying Dutchman Becket was wiping out all of the other pirates so he could rule the sea with impunity. Noticing this problem the pirates decided they needed to get together the council of pirates to make a plan to defeat Davey Jones.
Of course getting the pirate council together meant that they would have to bring Jack Sparrow back from Davey Jones' locker. This was easily done by sailing off the edge of the world, finding Jack, then flipping the ship upside down right at sunset/sunrise. Easy enough, now on to the rest of the movie.
The pirates meet and decide, kind of, to release Calypso so that she can help defeat Davey Jones. Things go according to plan mostly. There are some plot twists dealing with Will Turner and his father. I won't spoil any more of the movie.
My biggest complaint with the movie was the dialog. Not that it was poorly written or silly. The problem was that I couldn't understand it. It's bad enough trying to figure out what Jack Sparrow is saying when he gets all slurry. But now we have Barbossa, Calypso, Davey Jones, and all of the various pirate captains. The only one who seems to have had an understandable voice was the pirate captain from India and he only had one line. I probably missed at least 25% of the dialog cause I couldn't figure out the accents. A quick survey of other people who saw the movie confirmed that it wasn't just me. Everyone I've asked said that they had a hard time understanding it too.
Next time, Disney, either back off a bit on the accent color or provide subtitles. It would make the movie so much better (I'm assuming that the characters were saying something important).
If you liked either of the first two Pirates movies then you'll probably like this one. The special effects are good enough that it's worth seeing on the big screen. But if you wait for the rental then you can turn on closed captioning to figure out what's being said.

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