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Prince Caspian Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 02 June 2008

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is the second movie in The Chronicles of Narnia series which is following the books in the "as written" order rather than the chronological order.  This movie version was excellent -- far better than the first movie.  Just as with the first movie in the series, the story was followed fairly faithfully with only minor alterations to make it more appropriate for a movie.  However, the quality of the writing, acting, and movie making jumped up to a new level.  

For Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy about one year has passed in London.  While standing on the train station platform they all feel the tug of Narnia.  Seconds later they find themselves back in that enchanted land once again.  But it is now 1000 years into the future.  The Narnia they knew remains only as a faint echo.  The story unfolds as the four kings and queens must rescue the kingdom from the Telmarines who invaded centuries before.  

In this story are we are introduced to one of Narnia's most lovable and intriguing characters (just don't call him cute!).  That is Reepicheep, the warrior mouse with a heart so full of valor and honor that even a giant would tremble to be his enemy.

In my opinion the movie makers captured Reepicheep perfectly.  The "missing tail" scene near the end of the movie is priceless.  We will see him again in Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. 

In the books Caspian has never come across as a strong character for me.  He mostly seemed to be a young boy who was full of indecision.  Not a leader.  I've always been confused about why Lewis would have made Caspian the lead character in two of his books while he came across as a minor character at best.  The movie makers, however, have invigorated Caspian into something that is probably closer to what Lewis was thinking that what I was imagining. 

I'm very pleased with the movie.  It was very well done. I'm looking forward to Voyage in 2010. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 June 2008 )

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