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Robots Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 01 April 2005
ImageRobots is the latest animated feature presented by Dreamworks studios. Audience expectations for animated features has grown significantly since Disney started the whole industry decades ago. These movies are no longer just for kids. They have to hold the interest for adults while entertaining kids. Afterall, it's the adults who will end up buying the DVD for their kids. Robots does a great job of appealing to both age groups. The animation effects are impressive and some of the verbal dialog strikes adult funny bones. For the most part the movie was entertaining but it did have some slow spots. The highlights more than make up for those low points.

The plot is fairly basic. A young inventor, Rodney, from the country travels to the big city to make his way in the world. His intentions are to join Big Weld and become a master inventor to help fill the world's needs. As expected, when he gets to the city he discovers that something is amiss. Big Weld is missing and an upstart is trying to take over robot world. The boy eventually finds and rescues Big Weld and together they set the world right again.

Some of the animated sequences are very impressive. When Rodney arrives in the city he asks how to get to Big Weld's factory and is directed to the "cross city transport". Simple enough. Rodney hops into the spherical transport car and then begins an involved and intricate journey across the city. The ball rolls down numerous tracks and ramps, spirals along mechanical arms, rides conveyor belts, is flung through the air by giant catapults, is smacked by a huge hammer, and eventually comes to a gentle stop. I have a feeling that the joy ride is more fun to watch that to experience. Other special effects highlights are the domino sequence in Big Weld's home, and the chase scene through the streets of Robot City.

This movie wasn't quite as entertaining as The Polar Express but it was still well worth the time and money to take the whole family to the theater.

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