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The Bourne Supremacy Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 31 August 2004
ImageThis weekend we watched The Bourne Supremacy.  This is a sequel to the Bourne Identity.  It is also a movie adaptation of the book by Robert Ludlum.  Although I haven't read either of these books, I'm pretty certain that the old cliche about the book being better than the movie holds here.  We thought it was an OK movie, probably worth a rental, but not really worth seeing in the theater.

The movie is about Jason Bourne, a specially trained CIA operative who lost his memory due to the extreme nature of the training.  After losing his memory Bourne abandoned the CIA (since he forgot he was in it).  I don't remember a lot about the first movie since it's been a couple years since I saw it.  In the second movie Bourne is framed for a crime and the CIA tries to track him down. That's basically it.  The movie was entertaining but drug on a bit at times.  During the second, or was it third, long car chase scene we started feeling like we were seeing the same thing over and over again.
While watching this movie I couldn't help but think that I was coming into the middle of a story. There was lots of background that had to be assumed and the big picture story line wasn't completely resolved. The movie intrigues me enough though to read the books.  It's like this.  If you followed the story in the movie carefully you saw some of the interaction between the various secondary characters.  There were hints about a lot of intrigue and espionage that were going on behind the scenes.  Unfortunately the movie focused on the action instead.  So, the books would likely be more interesting.
I wouldn't say this was a bad movie but the action scenes were too drawn out to hold my attention.

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