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The Incredibles Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 15 November 2004
ImageThe Incredibles is Pixar's latest full-length feature film.  It follows on the heels of their biggest film ever, Finding Nemo, and is easily on par with that film.  The movie is about two retired superheros: Mr. Incredible and ElastiGirl.  The superheros ended their careers when social pressures forced the government to get rid of all superheros. Mr. Incredible and ElastiGirl married and tried to quietly fit into the American dream life.
Eventually the Incredibles get reactivated and end up battling for their own lives and also to save the lives of many innocent citizens.  In the end it takes the whole Incredible family to defeat the bad guy and foil his evil schemes.  But I won't get into the plot details here.  Don't want to spoil the movie.
My wife and I and all the kids went to watch this.  We all all liked it.  Our teenage daughter still likes "kid" movies so she thought it was great.  The twins (5 years old boy/girl) loved it as well.  In fact, now my son runs around everything thinking he's Dash.  Pretty much every day he runs around the house or the yard practicing so he can be as fast as Dash.  Even our two year old son loved the movie. 
It is a great family movie.  It shows the strength of the family working together as a team but at the same time each person in the family has their own individual talents.  It's a great lesson showing that we don't have to all be the same to get along but we do have to respect each other. 
The movie also shows a clear distinction between wrong and right.  The bad guy is simply selfish and evil -- no sympathetic views trying to show him as simply misunderstood.  And the Incredibles are never shown as "evil" if viewed from a different perspective.  So wrong and right are shown as absolute values, not different views of the same situation.
Pixar has always pushed the envelope in terms of computer animation for their movies.  Starting with Toy Story they wowed everyone with incredible animation.  With each new film additional effects were presented.  So much so that I couldn't help but wonder if the stories weren't made simply to showcase the animation inovations.  Maybe Monsters Inc. was made just so that Pixar could show how well they modeled fur with computer animation. It's unlikely, I know, and even if it was the case, it doesn't matter.  The films and stories were great.
Pixars stepped into new ground with this film too.  I've only seen it once and I'm sure I didn't catch everything.  The main thing I noticed was how much more realistic everything looked.  The animation was the closest to photo-realistic of anything that they've done yet.  Especially the jungle island.  There were many times during the film that I forgot I was watching an animated feature because the imagery was so realistic.  One point in particular that sticks out in my mind was the place where Dash is running on the surface of the water.  Because he is so fast, he doesn't sink.  He is chased into a tunnel by a bad guy.  And then another bad guy appears ahead of him in the tunnel, approaching him.  Trapped, Dash stops, and then instantly plunges into the water.  It was so believable when done that way.  The physics were utterly realistic and impossible at the same time.
So yes, I have to say it, this movie was "incredible".
Last Updated ( Friday, 19 November 2004 )

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