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The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 11 December 2005
This movie is a great rendition of the book. As expected, a few things have been added, altered, or deleted in the on-screen retelling of the story but none of the changes take away from the original story. By today's standards some of the special effects and filming are a tiny bit rough. Again, this isn't something that ruins the movie.
Narnia and it's talking animals has always been a special place for children. This movie was tailored for this younger audience. It has some intense battle scenes but nothing anywhere near as action packed as the battles in the Lord Of The Ring movies. Even the climactic scene with the witch and Aslan is toned down a bit compared to the heart wrenching book depiction.
For those unfamiliar with the story let me give a quick overview. The main characters are four children who have been sent to live with their uncle in the country for a few months. While there the youngest, Lucy, discovers a magical kingdom through the back of a wardrobe. This kingdom is called Narnia. The children stumble into Narnia in the midst of a crisis. An evil witch, calling herself the Queen of Narnia, has taken over and made it "always winter but never Christmas". The Queen is threatened by the four children since there is a prophecy that states that the four children will be her doom. One of the children, Edmund, becomes deceived by the Queen and betrays his siblings to her as she begins a quest to find and destroy them all. The same time the children arrived in Narnia Aslan returned. The Queen is the ultimate evil and Aslan is the ultimate good. As the story continues there are battles between good and evil and a special twist dealing with Edmund's betrayal and Aslan's resolution of it. In the end the witch is defeated and the four children become the Kings and Queens of Narnia.
Right about now all of the people who've read the book or seen the movie are saying that I skipped over a major part of the story. Yeah, I know. But I have to leave something exciting for the new reader or viewer. If you've read the book but not yet seen the movie rest assured that the "key points" are in the movie.
The special effect I was most looking forward to seeing was the witch's ability to turn things into stone statues. I was pleased. It was done nicely and with flair. The movie did add a restriction to her ability that I didn't get from the book. It appeared that she had to actually touch the person with her wand to turn them into stone. No shooting a beam of stone-turning energy across the battle field. After seeing it in the movie it made sense. If she could turn people to stone from a distance she could have zapped all four of the children when she first saw them and be done with the whole business.
Comparisons to The Lord Of The Rings are inevitable for this movie for a few reasons. Not the least is the fact that the movies are adaptations from books in the same genre. It is also worth noting that both of the authors (Lewis and Tolkien) were Christians and were very good friends with each other. In this comparison The Lion stands up fairly well. Since the movies were directed to different age groups it's hard to make a direct comparison.
I hope this movie sees a lot of success. If it is successful the chances of someone making movies of the other Narnia books become much higher. If the movie is only moderately successful or a bomb then those chances are pretty much zero. So go see the movie. I want to see more.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 18 December 2005 )

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