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The Rundown Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 09 April 2004
The Rundown is another movie starring The Rock.  I've seen a couple other movies he's been in and haven't been too disappointed.  As one of those people who used to do something else and now makes movies, he's doing pretty well.  Or at least, others are doing worse.

So The Rock plays the role of a recovery specialist.  That's one of those guys who gets stuff for other people.  Suppose you borrow a couple thousand dollars from the local loan shark and then decide not to pay him back.  Well, he'll send The Rock after you to get the money.  And then you'll have two options: a) pay the money and everyone's happy, b) he get the money out of you and you won't be happy. 

But The Rock is one of these strong-arm guys with a streak of morality and decency.  In fact, he has dreams of leaving the recovery business and opening up a gourmet restaurant.  His employer forces him to do one last job and then promises to let him go.  The last job is to recover the employer's run-away son from Brazil.

Once in Brazil The Rock finds the son who refuses to return. The Rock soon finds himself embroiled in a native uprising against a greedy and cruel mine owner.  And then there's an added twist with a treasure hunt. In the end all everything works out the way it should.

The Rock is known for his action sequences and in this movie he does his stuff.  It's not over-the-top and it's not ultra violet.  It's fun to watch.  You'll have to excuse the adolescent humor a couple of times but over all it's not a bad movie.  Not very deep but interesting enough to watch.

My rating: rental

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