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Transformers Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 19 July 2007
One of the most anticipated summer blockbusters this year is the big-screen debut of the Transformers. Back in the 80's the Transformers enjoyed wide popularity as action figures and an associated TV cartoon series. By the 90's robots lost ground to aliens, dinosaurs, and superheros in the minds and entertainment choices of kids. But the Transformers movie is almost guaranteed to propel these 80's looking robots back into the spotlight.
The movie was great. With any "remake" of something 20 years old there is a risk of coming off as cheesy or dated. Transformers avoided that. The movie has a very modern feel. The super slick CGI animations and well crafted action sequences help a lot in creating an entertaining and visually stunning movie.
With a movie that is special effect heavy by definition -- a movie centered around cars that turn into robots has to be a special effect movie -- it is tempting for the movie maker to fall in the trap of using too many special effects or expecting the visuals to carry the movie. Fortunately the movie makers for Transformers avoided that pitfall. There are some sequences that emphasize the transformation between a robot and a car but they are only a few. After that the transformations are natural and fit into the general flow of the story. No "posing" special effects.
The only problem I had with the movie was my inability to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys -- actually, I couldn't even reliably identify the various robots when they were in robot form. And in car form I could easily tell the difference but I didn't know who was who (with the exception of Optimus Prime).
When I see the movie again I'm hoping I'll be able to make things out better.

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