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Wimbledon Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 27 September 2004
ImageWimbledon is an international tennis tournament -- just in case you are from a different planet and didn't know this.  The movie Wimbledon is a romantic comedy set during the Wimbledon tournament.  The two main characters of the movie are, of course, tennis players playing in the tournament.  The movie follows the typical formula for the genre.  The boy and girl meet in a humorous and embarrassing encounter, their mutual attraction is thwarted by a third party with selfish interests, and in the end the third party is won over and the couple lives happily ever after.
Despite the standard plot line, this is a clever and interesting movie.  I was pleasantly surprised.
I've never really enjoyed tennis so maybe it's surprising that I would like a movie like this.  The game just seems a little too slow and unexciting.  But this movie opened my eyes to how exciting the game can be.  It was genuinely heart-stoppingly (wow, is that a word?) exciting to watch the different tennis matches throughout the movie.  The producers managed the capture the essence of being at a tennis match.  Apparently, before the serve, it is standard practice for the  head official asks the audience to remain quiet by saying "quiet please".  In this movie, once the official made the request, even the movie would become silent.  Everyone in the theater would wait, anxiously, just like the match audience, for the server.  This was great.  It really drew the audience in and built up the illusion that you were at the match rather than at a movie.
The directory used some pretty clever and creative camera effects for the matches as well.  A very effective use of closeups, slow motion, "camera on the ball", and matrix-like suspended action enhanced the experience even more. It was interesting enough that when a new match was about to be shown I was actually looking forward to seeing the neat effects.  Technically they were all that amazing but they were quite effective.
Another unique aspect of this romantic-comedy was that it was focused almost solely on the man's perspective.  Many times we heard voiceovers as we "listened in" on his thoughts.  These snippets were humorous and enlightening.  They added depth to the man character by revealing his fears, insecurities, ambitions, and even a bit of self-cheerleading.  I don't recall hearing any voiceovers for the girl.
I would venture that most guys take their gals out to a romantic-comedy because they are being nice to their partner.  And usually the guy scores a few points by treating his gal to a nice movie.  In this particular case I think that both the guys and gals will enjoy the movie.  It's fun, clever, and interesting.  Oh yeah, it's also romantic.
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