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X-Men: The Last Stand Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 25 June 2006
X-men: The Last Stand
The third installment in the X-Men movies was disappointing. Not because it was a lousy movie but because it didn't live up to the expectations set by the first two. Something was missing in the movie making. There were certainly plenty of special effects. In fact, there were too many special effects. How many flying cars do we need to see blasted into a huge fireball? I think that the movie makers where relying a bit too much on the effects to make the movie leaving the plot and characters to suffer.
I didn't go into the movie with any real notion of what it was about. I was just expecting a fun comic book movie. It didn't take long for the plot to be revealed. A corporation had discovered a way to turn a mutant into a non-mutant. Magneto and his gang of bad mutants planned to control the substance and use it to wipe out all of the mutants who were opposed to them. Along the way Dr. Jane Grey was resurrected and brought into Magneto's group. The strength of her mutation was too strong for her to handle and she had become consumed by it. No longer in control of her own mind she became little more than a super-weapon for Magneto's purposes.
When the good guys heard of the anti-mutant venom they immediately recognized the danger it poses to all mutants. They tried to stop the corporation using government policy but in the end they had to resort to force. As Magneto makes plans to capture the substance they find themselves defending the corporation.
One thing that amazed me in this movie was the blatent, hit-me-over-the-head preachiness concerning the homosexual agenda. I know, you wouldn't expect that from a comic book movie, but it was there. It was almost as bad as Rent. The mutant issue and the "cure" were a thinly veiled reference to homosexuality and the pressure some people exert to stop homosexuality. There were numerous references to mutants being "born that way" and disgust at the idea that mutants needed to be "cured".
The overbearing message felt very forced and took away from the movie significantly. It is mainly because of this heavy handed aspect of the movie that I am not recommending it. It's probably not worth the money even for a rental.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 25 June 2006 )

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