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Daggerspell -- Katherine Kerr
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 15 June 2008


 This is another of those fantasy books from the 80's that I somehow missed. The other notable entry in that list was the David Eddings Belgariad series that I reviewed a few months ago.  Daggerspell was better and more interesting that the Eddings books but it still had a few problems.  Or maybe just quirks.  I'm really not trying to be all that critical but some things just stick out like sore thumbs.  After reading Eddings, this book, and some old Shanarra I think I'm beginning to understand why people have always looked down a bit on the fantasy genre.  This book wasn't that bad though.  As I said, just some quirks.

Last Updated ( Monday, 09 June 2008 )
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 09 June 2008


There are a few actors who we know are "hit or miss".  Sometimes we like their movies and other times we don't.  Adam Sandler is one of those actors.  It seems that he is more "miss" than "hit" for us but we thought that maybe the newest movie, Zohan, would be one of the rare exceptions.  We were wrong.  This was one of the worst movies we've seen in a long time.  There were a few funny parts but those were minuscule compared to the overwhelming junior-high level humor.  

Prince Caspian
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 02 June 2008

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is the second movie in The Chronicles of Narnia series which is following the books in the "as written" order rather than the chronological order.  This movie version was excellent -- far better than the first movie.  Just as with the first movie in the series, the story was followed fairly faithfully with only minor alterations to make it more appropriate for a movie.  However, the quality of the writing, acting, and movie making jumped up to a new level.  

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 June 2008 )
The Journey of Man -- Spencer Wells
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 18 May 2008

Journey of Man

In The Journey of Man author Spencer Wells puts forth a description and explanation of how modern man descended from a single man located somewhere in Africa around 60,000 years ago.  In more detail Wells describes the actual migration routes over the millenniums showing how man moved from one continent to another and eventually spread to every corner of the globe.  Wells is able to come up with these astounding details through the clever use of genetics, in particular the Y chromosome, and statistical analysis. 

Unfortunately there are many many details left out and lots of gaps that make the whole premise much less solid.  As I read through the book I found myself frequently scratching my head and wondering how the conclusion could possibly follow from the facts presented.  There was also very little description or explanation of how Wells obtained the genetic data that he bases the entire premise on.  

Last Updated ( Friday, 30 May 2008 )
If She Doesn't Win...
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 03 March 2008

Hillary ClintonWhile reading the paper today I came across an interesting quote.  I was reading the latest news concerning the Democratic primaries.  As expected, Hillary is continuing with her dreadful performance.  The article was focusing on some of the women's groups who are irritated and angry with other women for "abandoning Hillary in favor of a 'rock star' candidate".  The sentiment is that women are all leaving Hillary and jumping on the Obama bandwagon just because he's popular and all that.  Who knows, that could be the case.  If so then I can see being annoyed over that.  It never makes sense to me that people would vote for someone just because he (or she) is the most popular.  It does seem that the current election is becoming more and more like that.  But that's not my point here -- I'm getting distracted.

Last Updated ( Monday, 03 March 2008 )
The Mammoth Book Of Fantasy
Written by Mike Noel   
Saturday, 16 February 2008

Mammoth Book of Fantasy

The Mammoth Book of Fantasy is yet another anthology that I read.  This time, I'm happy to say, there were a few stories in the collection that I thought were interesting.  Many of the stories in the book were not what I would call fantasy though.  That's probably because I have a limited or narrow definition of fantasy.  I think that I should really be looking at "heroic" or "epic" fantasy.   

The Last Unicorn
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The Last Unicorn The Last Unicorn is considered one of the top fantasy books in the last 100 years.  Written by Peter S. Beagle in 1963 it boasts sales of over 5 million copies and translation into 20 different languages.  At least one animated film has been made from the story and there is rumor of a live-action film in the works which has garnered a lot of excited attention from the fans.  So I'm a bit baffled that I found the book somewhat lackluster.  It was mildly interesting but not extraordinary. 

Fantasy: The Best Of The Year 2006
Written by Mike Noel   
Saturday, 19 January 2008

Fantasy: the best of the year 2006When I read anthologies, such as this one, it is my intention to get broad exposure to different authors in the genre.  I fully expect to like some and dislike some.  In fact, it seems I end up disliking more than I like.  But there is always the hope of finding at least one gem in the pile.  In all of this I assume that the genre in the title is the genre I'm looking for.  In this case, with a title like "Fantasy" I was expecting a couple dozen short stories in the fantasy genre.   Silly me. Instead I got to read two vampire stories, a couple ghost stories, several science-fiction stories, and a supernatural thriller.  Hardly what I would expect for "fantasy".

Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 January 2008 )
Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill
Written by Britney M Noel   
Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Secrets Can Kill

Secrets Can Kill is a fun computer game for teens and adults. It has split-second danger and lots of puzzles to solve. This is the first game in a series of stickler computer games. They are exhilarating and get your adrenaline pumping with their surprises all along the way.

Last Updated ( Friday, 18 January 2008 )
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