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A Big Thanks To The NBA Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 17 May 2007
Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals between Phoenix and San Antonio was even more evidence of how much the Suns are better than the Spurs as a team. The situation for tonight's game was very bleak for Phoenix. The NBA's rather arbitrary and selective enforcement of a poorly written rule allowed the Spurs to gain an advantage over the Suns. Ironically it was the Spurs who caused the offense but the Suns were the ones punished for it. Every single commentary previous to the game assumed that Phoenix was done for. Nobody could see a way for Phoenix to win while the team was missing two of the key players.
It turns out the analysts were right. But just barely. No one could have anticipated the way that Phoenix played the game this evening. Phoenix led for most of the game. Only in the last few minutes did San Antonio get an advantage. If Phoenix had been allowed to play with all the players there would have been no doubt about this game.
The Spurs should be sending a great big thank you card to the NBA office in appreciation for the game. The Suns will need to regroup now and shake this off. The Suns proved in a mighty way this evening that they are a great team. On Friday, when they are full strength, the Spurs are going to have a hard time handling them.
Last Updated ( Thursday, 17 May 2007 )

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