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Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 30 January 2007
With this blog entry I'm introducing a new "feature". From time to time I plan to write a blurb about a Cool Web Site -- abbreviated CWS. This will just be a website that I find interesting. My blurb will explain why I think it's a great site and what to look for there.
I'm kicking off the CWS series with It seems that tea is making a comeback in the US. I'm not talking about those Lipton or Nestea tea-bag type teas. Tea for consumers is available it three forms: supermarket teabags, specialty teabags, and loose leaf. The loose leaf tea is usually the most expensive but it is also much better than either of the bagged teas. I've been a loose leaf tea drinker for a number of years and have become a bit of a tea snob.
Teavana is a new chain of tea shops that sells loose leaf tea. They currently have more than 50 stores in the US. Each of these stores provides a place to order and drink tea as well as a place to purchase loose leaf tea to take home. They are staffed by knowledgable teologists who can help customers find the perfect tea to suite their tastes.
Their website has a lot of information about tea. The "new to tea" section is particularly interesting for people who are just now discovering this most ancient of drinks. For those of us who are not located near one of their stores the website allows us to purchase Teavana teas and tea products. from the site. Compared with other online tea vendors their prices are quite reasonable.
I must thank my friends Chuck and Jolee for pointing making me aware of Teavana. So far I'm quite happy with their teas and products.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 30 January 2007 )

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