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Does God Send Secret Messages Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Saturday, 30 June 2007
This idea has been floating in my head for a long long time so I have lots to say on it. I'm probably going to have to write a longer article on it since there are so many facets. Basically this is what I think. God doesn't speak in secret code to people. He is not restricted to trying to send "secret messages" because we're too dense to hear Him any other way. He also doesn't intend to confuse us with cryptic messages that we may or may not understand. The notion that God speaks in subtle messages and we are supposed to figure it out is so ingrained in some aspects of Christianity. I can't speak for all different Christian groups but I know that the tradition I was raised in (conservative protestant) is steeped in this idea.
I can't tell you how many times I heard "maybe you missed what God was telling you" or variations of that. It creates a fear an anxiety in people who are trying to follow God. They feel that their every move may not be what they are supposed to do and they also feel like they won't ever really know. It's a mess.
It's also a ridiculous picture of God. Imagine, there's this God sitting somewhere on His throne "trying" to send a message to one of His followers. And the whole time He's wringing His hands thinking "I sure do hope they understand what I'm saying this time". Ok. That's crazy. Is God able to communicate in an effective way or not? Is it really a mystery to Him about whether or not we'll understand? Of course not. So He know what we will understand or not. And He knows how to communicate in all ways. So if He wants to tell us something He'll simply communicate it in a way that He knows we will understand. That's it. It's not complicated.
The bottom line: if God's talking to you you will know it. No doubt! You may choose to disregard what He says. But there will never be the case where you don't know that He's talking.
But they you might say, "but God didn't tell me anything". Ok. So what's the problem? Maybe He wants you to figure some stuff out for yourself. That doesn't mean He's left you in the cold. He knows what you will do and He's still guiding the whole situation. So trust Him, make your best decision, and go for it. Simple as that. He's got your back.
There is great freedom in throwing off the bondage of always wondering if "I'm doing what God wants". No anxiety. No fear of making God mad because you're not following Him. No superstitious attempts to try to figure out what circumstances mean. And finally, no concern at all that God will abandon you because you "struck out on your own".
Just writing this little blog article just is the tip of the iceberg. I should write a book. :-)

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