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Great Game Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008

Football fans across the USA had reason to celebrate this last Sunday.  Superbowl XLII (that's 42, for all you non-Romans out there) was a great game.  Probably the best Superbowl I've seen in a long time.  Sports critics and vocal football fans around the internet will probably be able to give a better blow-by-blow replay of the game as well as some commentary about the players, officials, and broadcast crew so if that's what you're looking for you'll have to go elsewhere.

Going into the game I wasn't a huge fan of either team.  Not an anti-fan either.  Just somewhat ambivalent concerning the teams.  I say "somewhat" because there was a bit of bias.  I was slightly turned off by the apparent arrogant attitude that Brady (the Patriot's QB) had.  It could very well be that he wasn't that arrogant but was just portrayed that way by the media. 

That would be the nature of my second bias.  For the two weeks leading up to the Superbowl and even during the game itself there was an overwhelming sense of favoritism being shown to the Patriots in the media.  During the game when the Patriots went three and out (not completing a first down) the comments where along the lines of how well the Patriots were able to stand up against the Giant's defense and not lose ground.  While when the Giants were in the same situation and failed to get a first down the comments were about how great the Patriot's defense was in keeping the Giants from getting anywhere on the ground.

Basically, going into the game, if you listened to the sports commentators you would have been wondering if the Giants were even going to bother to suit up.  

That kind of attitude turns my off and tends to make me favor the underdog.

The game was very good.  There were lots of exciting moments -- especially in the last quarter.  Definitely one of the better SuperBowls I've seen.

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