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If She Doesn't Win... Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 03 March 2008

Hillary ClintonWhile reading the paper today I came across an interesting quote.  I was reading the latest news concerning the Democratic primaries.  As expected, Hillary is continuing with her dreadful performance.  The article was focusing on some of the women's groups who are irritated and angry with other women for "abandoning Hillary in favor of a 'rock star' candidate".  The sentiment is that women are all leaving Hillary and jumping on the Obama bandwagon just because he's popular and all that.  Who knows, that could be the case.  If so then I can see being annoyed over that.  It never makes sense to me that people would vote for someone just because he (or she) is the most popular.  It does seem that the current election is becoming more and more like that.  But that's not my point here -- I'm getting distracted.

In the article one of the leading ladies was quoted as saying something like "if Hillary doesn't win this election then I'm afraid I'll never see a woman president in my lifetime".  It seemed that the speaker was more concerned with having a woman president than anything else.  I can appreciate her attitude but only a little bit.  How is her attitude of saying "I want candidate X to be president because she's a woman" any different than the attitude that says "I want candidate Y to be president because he's popular"?  In both cases the decision for presidency isn't being made on the merits and capabilities of the candidate but on things about the candidate.

The irony of the whole thing is the fact that the woman who was complaining about this was also identified as a strong feminist.  I understood that the point of view of feminism was to make men and women equal.  I thought the idea was to take gender out of the equation.  Treat humans as humans, not male and female.  But that's not what this lady is saying.

I don't think Hillary would make a good president.  It has nothing to do with her gender.  It has everything to do with her politics and her attitude.  Maybe all those other women who are "abandoning" Hillary are doing it simply because they also don't believe that she would be a good president.  Maybe they aren't interested in making a gender-based decision about the president.  In fact, maybe they ARE treating male and female equal when considering the presidency.  Maybe some of the feminists need to get on board with that idea.


Last Updated ( Monday, 03 March 2008 )

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