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Is it panic or my imagination? Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 04 September 2008

panic button

Reading the news concerning the Republican Convention, especially the readers' comments on various articles, I'm getting the sense that either some Dems are panicing or it is just my imagination.  A week ago the criticisms that I saw bantered about were just the normal party politics and loyal soldiers on both sides firing little jabs and barbs at each other.  There was always the guy who popped out to call the other side stupid, lame, ignorant, etc.  And also the patriot who boldly states that the other side is simply going to ruin the country.  Up till now I was always seeing the same amount of hysteria and hyperbole coming from both sides.  Over the last few days the noise from the Dem side of the election has risen considerably.

So are the Dems panicing about the Rep developments?  Certainly Palin was completely unexpected.  And then when the story broke about her daughter some may have thought that would turn out for the positive for her opposition but instead that story has gotten almost no traction. Even the Obama camp has come out and said that the media should lay off her personal and family issues.

Maybe the Dems are seeing Palin as a real threat.  She has overshadowed the McCain/Palin ticket for now.  I'm waiting though.  I'm waiting to see what things are like in a few weeks, after the initial shock and awe has waned.  At that point we'll see where the respective parties are sitting.

I expect that the Obama camp is preparing something big.  They have been almost silent this last week. Maybe it's because of the Rep Convention.  Maybe it's the calm before the storm.  I guess we'll see.




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