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Know The Code Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Saturday, 23 June 2007
The other night we were over at a friends house playing games and goofing off. We were there and a few other families were there too. The people who lived at the house we were visiting were renting the house (it's actually a very nice house and I hope we can find as good a house when we need to rent). The house has an alarm system but the tenants never used it. Since they never used it they didn't know any of the codes to enable or disable the alarm. Well, one of our friends started pressing buttons on the alarm and accidentally armed it. The next time someone opened the front door the whole world exploded.
Piercing sirens were going off inside the house and loud blaring alarms were ringing outside the house in the front and the back. So a house full of a dozen adults and 25 kids came streaming out of this house with all of the alarms ringing like gangbusters. Then the young kids started to cry. And then all of the neighbors started coming out to see what was wrong. And then the tenants started to get stressed out. No one knew the code to turn off the alarm!
So with two dozen crying kids (ok, they weren't all crying) and a bunch of stressed out adults running around we finally got the alarm turned off. It took about 15 minutes. Then someone opened the door and the whole process started in again. This time it was faster to get the alarm disabled. Notice that we didn't turn it off. We disabled it.
The tenants called the property managers but there was no response there. I don't know what happened the next day so I don't know if the property managers ever called or responded or told the tenants how to turn off the alarm. But I learned a lesson. Always know the code.
Today we moved into our temporary apartment. It has an alarm system. The system isn't armed -- yet. We don't know the code. But before we have any friends come over, especially friends with curious fingers, we're going to have to find the code so we can turn off the alarm if it ever goes off.

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