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MNF Not Worth It Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 11 September 2007
Yesterday was the first Monday Night Football game of the regular season this year. Years ago it was my habit to watch the MNF game and I enjoyed it. Thinking that it would be fun again I decided to try watching the game. Unfortunately no one else at home wanted to watch it with me. The game was not that exciting at all: Arizona vs. San Francisco. So after three hours of sitting by myself watching a boring game I decided that the MNF charm just isn't there for me. It's not worth it to spend 3 hours of a week night watching the game.
The sound for the game was really bad. All three of the commentators in the booth had very muffled voices. I had to turn the tv up quite a bit to be able to understand what they were saying. In fact, I missed a lot of what they were saying cause it was too mumbly or muffled. The sound from the on-field commentator or commercials was just fine. The only problem was with the booth commentators.
Maybe at some time in the future I'll be interested in the game again. For now I think I'll limit my football to the Superbowl once a year.

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