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No Asian Restaurants Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 19 November 2006
There are several obvious differences between Portland, Oregon (where we lived for 14 years) and Phoenix, Arizona (where we live now). The weather, the population, the drive times, and so on. One difference I didn't expect was the fact that there are very few asian restaurants in Phoenix. By Asian restaurants I mean Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Indian. The asian restaurants that do exist here in the valley are really not that good compared to where we came from.
Before I get a zillion email messages telling me about all of the chinese restaurants in Phoenix let me say that yes, I know that there are some. I've probably been to half a dozen different chinese restaurants over the last couple of years. My point is that there are a lot fewer here than we had around us in Portland. A lot fewer! Starting from any point in the Portland metro area a person is probably less than 1 mile from an asian restaurant of some sort. Usually there are many within walking distance. If that same density was present in Phoenix we'd have thousands of these types of restaurants.
It turns out that most people here don't really like asian food. A few do but most of the people I talk to don't. I suppose that's why there are so few.

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