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No More Soda Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
A few weeks ago a friend of mine at work decided to quit smoking -- cold turkey. So far he's been quite successful at it. I'm pretty sure he's over the hump and is cigarette free now. From the sounds of it he's quite glad to be over that. Inspired by him I decided to kick one of my bad habits. Out of the host of things to choose from I chose to stop drinking carbonated drinks. I'm certain these are not nearly as addictive as cigarettes so I can't compare the difficulty of my task with my friend's.
On most days I was drinking two 44 oz sodas and then a few cans of Diet Pepsi or Mountain Dew. On a bad day that would be three 44 oz drinks along with half a dozen cans. This just can't be good for anyone. I'm either flooding my body with tons of liquid sugar or poisoning it with Nutrasweet. On top of that, carbonated drinks are known to leech calcium from bones resulting in brittleness. Drinking soda had also become a physical habit. While sitting at my desk at work I felt like I always had to have something handy to drink -- thirsty or not.
As of today I am two-weeks soda free. For the most part I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would. Occasionally I get the urge and wish I had something but I've resisted. I am happy to be off the sauce.

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