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Should I Finish Reading That Book? Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 16 August 2007
My personal policy concerning books is that I try to finish any book that I start reading. There have been a few times when I've broken this rule. Sometimes the books are just so bad that I can't bear to finish them but most of the time I will try and stick through it. I guess my thinking is that at some point the book might turn out to be better than I thought. I'm also just a little concerned about the slippery slope of stopping books. If I start aborting read attempts for books then maybe I won't ever finish any book. On the other hand, based on my age and amount of reading I can do in a year, I've probably only got time to read between 200 and 400 more books in my life. Do I want to waste time reading a dud?
I guess that at this point in my life it would be best to stop reading a book if it's just not looking all that good. There are so many good books. I think I will do that. It's hard though. Very hard to not feel like I'm just giving up. For example, I'm reading a book right now that I've been reading since early July. It's not very good but I've only got 150 pages left. At the rate I'm reading it I won't be done for another week or two. I'm always hoping that something works out in the end that will make it more interesting.
Nah. I think I'll give it up. Time to move on. Maybe that should be my new rule. Give a book two weeks to capture my interest. If I haven't determine that it's worth reading in that time then I'll drop it and move on. I'll try it.
I'm open to comments on this topic too? What do the rest of you do?
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