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The Suns Are A Better Team Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Monday, 14 May 2007
It's NBA playoff season so I am starting to watch the games. Living in Phoenix for the last three years has turned me onto the Suns a bit. This year they are a talented team. Not only do they have some extraordinary individual talent, the team plays extremely well together. Their teamwork is in sharp contrast to some other NBA teams that focus around a single superstar. At this point in the playoff season the Suns are in the middle of a 7 game series against the San Antonio Spurs. After four games I'm convinced that the Suns are a better team that the Spurs. That doesn't mean that they will win the series (but they have a good shot at it). Let me explain why I think they are better.
Overall Phoenix has played much stronger than San Antonio. In the first game of the series Phoenix lost in the last couple minutes of the game. Phoenix was able to keep the game close enough and tried to close it out. After Nash was kept out of the game due to the cut on his nose Phoenix couldn't close out. In game two Phoenix was all there and going full speed ahead. They won that one by 20 points. Game three was Phoenix's weakest showing in this series. Even with Phoenix playing poorly and the Spurs' Duncan and Parker having exceptional games, the Suns kept it close (till the end where desperate risks allowed the Spurs to surge ahead). The fourth game in the series just emphasized how much better Phoenix is than the Spurs.
In this game I'm not talking about the fact that Phoenix came from behind to win. I'm talking about how the game was actually played. For long stretches of the game the only way that the Spurs could stop the Suns was to foul them on the shot. There were times when the Spurs would foul Phoenix on every possession. This eventually lead the Spurs to foul trouble by the end of the game and that probably had a huge impact on Phoenix getting back into the game. At the other end of the court Phoenix was making their defensive shots without the same level of fouling. Their defense isn't perfect and it has some holes, but for the most part it was working to stop the ball, not foul the player.
I'm sure there are many who will disagree with my assessment of the teams. That's fine. I'm still convinced that the Suns are a better team. I also hope they win the playoffs this year.

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