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The Suns Lose Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Sunday, 20 May 2007
Yeah, it's old news now and it's not very surprising. The Suns lost game 5 of the series so The Spurs are continuing onto the Western Conference Finals. It was sad. Not just because I like the Suns and wanted to see them win. But also because of the way it all happened. A guy I know is a basketball referee. He does high school (and maybe college) games here in the Portland area. We've spoken many times about bad calls and the way the referees seem to have uncontrolled powers. He's always defending the refs by commenting on how hard the job is and explaining to me more about how they do their job. In the case of the player suspensions he stated that the NBA made the wrong decision. I should state that he is not a Suns fan.
So I took that as even more confirmation that it was just a bad thing all around. Nobody really thought it was fair. No matter what the players are saying, I think that there will always be a * next to this win if the Spurs go on to win the championship.
Despite the loss I still believe the Suns are a better team than the Spurs. I hope that they can carry on with their team next year and show everyone how good they are. But by then I may be trying to watch the Trailblazers. I wonder when they will turn around...

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