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Finding a good website host Print
Written by Mike Noel   
Thursday, 14 August 2008

Most of my website development clients eventually ask me for information on how to choose a good hosting service.  There are so many hosting sites that offer a range of features and quality that it can be hard for non-technical people to find a good hosting provider.  It's not hard to find a low cost host but sometimes low cost also means low quality.  Web Hosting Pal offers a great and easy to understand comparison of many hosting options.  This site is especially good for non-technical site owners.

There are a couple features that stick out as incredibly helpful.  The first is the Beginner's Guide.  This guide provides a good, easy to understand description of the major features that hosting provides offer and compete on.  I recommend that newcomers to the world of owning a website start with this page so they can get an understanding of what the plan descriptions and features are talking about.

Another excellent feature on this site is the side-by-side comparison of the top ten hosting companies.  The table provides an overview of the pricing and basic features of each site.

One common hosting feature that is not mentioned in any of the pages on Web Hosting Pal is database support.  Most hosting companies now offer anywhere from 1 to unlimited numbers of databases that site designers are free to use.  Databases are required for much of the prepackaged software that webmasters might want to have on their site -- shopping carts, forums, content management systems are all examples.

One other small problem with the site is that the "Quick List" at the bottom of the page doesn't work.  That may just be a site defect.

Overall, I recommend this site as a place for new hosting users to go to get an idea of what hosting is all about and to help choose a good hosting company.

Disclaimer: This was a paid-for review of Web Hosting Pal but I stand behind everything I said in this article -- both the good and the bad.


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