For my April 5k I participated in the Falcon 15k Relay race that was sponsored by Liberty high-school in Hillsboro, OR.

Despite the name, there were actually several events, including a 5k race (the one I ran in). I have never been to Liberty high-school so I didn’t know how nice the facilities there are. It was a great place to host the race. The proceeds from this race were to help the Liberty Fit program at the school. It is a unique and interesting program in which students spend 4 days a week for 4 months training for a half-marathon. These are not Track or Cross-country athletes, just normal students who don’t want to, or can’t, join the official Spring Track and Field program at Liberty. It seems like a great idea to me. Although, back when I was in high-school if a program like that had existed, I’m sure I wouldn’t have done it. 🙂

The weather in April in Oregon is always iffy. I was prepared for the worst but got lucky. The weather for the race was excellent. Clear blue skies and moderate temperatures and no wind. Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better day for the race.

The race course left the high-school track and ran along the roads just north of highway 26. The 5k was an out-and-back with a big loop at the far end of the route. There were a couple long hills with a low slope but it was mostly a flat course. In the end I finished with a 14:42 pace. I was hoping that by my 4th race I’d be below a 14 minute pace but not yet… However, I did complete the course without walking. That is my primary goal.

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