Every year the Elephant Garlic Festival is held in North Plains, OR and as a part of that they host a series of races. I decided to do the festival’s 5k for my August run. The day started out cloudy but by the time the race started it was a nice, blue-sky morning. I think that the festive atmosphere¬†and the nice weather inspired me because I tied for my fastest pace this time. At 14:17 per mile it’s nothing to write home about, but it is encouraging to¬†me to see the improvement. I started the year running a bit over 15 minutes per mile consistently.

They didn’t hand out shirts or medals for finishers of this race. Instead, everyone got a pair of socks, which is nice since I was running short of socks, and a clove of elephant garlic. They had boxes of these gigantic garlic cloves waiting at the end. While waiting for the race to start I heard a couple of the race officials commenting that they hoped to give away all of the garlic since anything that was left over they would have to take home.

I got my clove and then we roasted it with olive oil and used the soft garlic as a spread on small slices of baguettes with brie cheese. A good ending to a good race.

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