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GRONT Scores

One of the most beneficial activities a Greek New Testament student can partake in to increase Greek fluency is to read texts from outside of the GNT. This can be a frustrating experience, however, if students attempt to read works that are too different from the GNT. GRONT stands for Greek Readings Outside the New Testament. The GRONT Scale is designed to determine which Greek texts, outside of the New Testament, are best for NT Greek learners to read. Thanks much to Mark Lightman, on the BGREEK email list, who invented this scoring mechanism and was kind enough to share it with the rest of us!

The Scale combines three factors*:

  1. Close to the Greek of the NT.
  2. Easy.
  3. Good Greek.
Each of these factors is given a 1-10 rating (10 being 'best'). The three different scores are added together to get the GRONT score for a particular work. Below is a list showing the average GRONT score for several works along with links to add additional scores or works to the list. Click on the title of a work to see the detailed scoring for that work.

Title Author Score
Josepth and Asenath [WWW] Unknown 25 (1)
Attic Paraphrase of the Iliad [WWW] Theodorus Gaza 24 (1)
Wasps (JACT Adaptation) Aristophanes (and JACT) 24 (1)
True Story [WWW] Lucian 24 (1)
Romans [WWW] Ignatius 23 (1)
Testaments Twelve Patriarchs 23 (1)
Acts of Paul and Thecla [WWW] Unknown 22 (1)
The Lives of the Prophets Unknown 21 (1)
On the Passover Melito of Sardis 21 (2)
Didache The Twelve Apostles 21 (2)
On the Killing of Eratosthenes [WWW] Lysias 21 (1)
Symposium Plato 21 (1)
Odyssey Homer 20 (1)
Calliroe Chariton 20 (1)
The Library Apollodorus 20 (1)
Hellenica Xenophon 20 (1)
Daphnis and Chole Longus 20 (1)
Enchiridion Epictetus 19 (1)
Iliad Homer 19 (2)
Roman Antiquities Dionysius of Halicarnassensis 19 (1)
Genesis LXX 19 (3)
Wasps Aristophanes 17 (1)
Fables Aesop 17 (1)
Alcestis Euripides 16 (1)
Meditations Marcus Aurellius 16 (1)

*There is nothing scientific or rigorous about these factors -- they are based on the opinion of the individual reader.

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