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Home arrow Galleries arrow Havasupai Canyon Hike


Getting ready to set out for the trailhead so we stopped here for some supplies.
The Seligman General Store
The starting point for the hike is a place called Hilltop. These cliffs loom over the Hilltop parking lot.
Hilltop cliffs
This is a southern view of the canyon.  The line that looks like a trail through the bottom of the canyon is not the trail we are following.  It is a wash that runs through the bottom of the canyon.  As we head further north we will end up following the wash for most of the hike.
Canyon View South
This is a bird's eye view of the trail as it flattens out on the valley floor.  The trail turns to the right (you can see it near the top right of the photo) and goes into the canyon as it narrows.
The Trail
Looking north into the canyon.  The trail heads in this direction and up around the rim that can be seen in the distance.
Canyon View North
My dad and brother look down into the canyon from Hilltop.  It's a long ways down.
Long ways down
Here we are all geared up and ready to begin the descent.
Setting Out
After a few minutes heading down the trail we looked back up towards Hilltop.  Getting back up might be a bit harder than we thought it would be.  Turning back now wouldn't be too bad.
Hiker's Remorse?
Here is a view of some of the switchbacks that lead down to the bottom.
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