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Dead End
Written by Mike Noel   
Friday, 23 June 2006
Dead End Street Sign
Here's another cafepress design based on a street sign (as if you couldn't figure that out). You can buy it here. So what's the point of this one? Well, let's say your friend has been bugging you to get out and meet some people. You just got dumped by your boyfriend and you're just totally not interested in meeting anyone. You'd rather sit in your room and pout all night. But your friend insists. Since you're not in the mood to meet anyone you could wear this shirt to let all approaching prospects know that you are a "dead end". No sense in asking you out cause you'll just say "no". Or...
Maybe you're only looking for the serious guys. The ones who are willing to try a little. The ones who will push a bit to see what you're really about.
Or you might not even be a looking for a date. Maybe the sign is a commentary on your view of society and your life. All is vanity, nothing is worthwhile, it's all a dead end.
Or you just want to confuse people and draw attention to yourself.
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