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California Pizza Kitchen
Written by Victoria Noel   
Tuesday, 03 October 2006
California Pizza Kitchen
Most of the time my sweetie and I go here when its just the two of us. If you want to bring your kids, as we have just twice, I suggest you go on a week day to avoid a huge wait with hungry kids. Friday nights are pretty bad even for two because they don't do reservations. Why don't more restaurants do reservations??? Geesh. Anyway, their busyness is a good sign.
They make the yummiest pizza's ever. I just love that they offer a huge variety of pizza's and not just your run of the mill kind. These are exotic and interesting and really seem to be orchestrated so that every bite is delicious. They also make these fabulous pastas. They have this one Garlic Cream pasta that uses roasted garlic and you can add sauteed mushrooms and it is just so ... I can't even say, totally worth the trip. They also offer salads that are unique and so yummy and they make their own dressings to complement any salad of your choice. Seriously! It just is all about customer service and that is what this place is about. At least the Desert Ridge location in Phoenix, AZ. Are you getting the feeling that I like this place? A total home run. Oh, one more thing. They offer these in store (during the day) demonstrations. You can bring a group of kids in to learn how to make and bake pizza and they give you free samples of their pizza's while you are there. It is way fun and a wonderful service for homeschooled or traditionally schooled kids. Totally out of the ball park!
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