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Unregister 2.1 Released
Written by Mike Noel   
Wednesday, 11 October 2006
Today I released version 2.1 of Unregister. The Unregister component allows for users on a Joomla site to unregister themselves. For more information about the Unregister component see the intial release posting. The latest version of Unregister fixes two bugs:
  • It removes the dependency on register globals being turned on. For security reasons Joomla recommends that register globals be turned off. Up until this release Unregister would not work properly when this setting was off.
  • Some malformed HTML in the unregister form was causing Unregister with some browsers on some sites to fail. The HTML has been cleaned up.
Unregister 2.1 has two more small changes. The confirmation password field has been removed. There is no reason to have the user enter their password twice when trying to unregister from the site. Also, the original version of Unregister relied on the existance of a user named "admin". Any content authored by the user unregistering would be reassigned to the "admin" user. The new version does not require the "admin" user. If there is no "admin" user then Unregister simply deletes the authored content.
The download site for Unregister 2.1 is here.
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